Husband, Child, Dog; Who do I love the Most…

As a mom, wife, and full time business professional- life is stressful.  It gets even more so when you get home after your long 9-10 hour day and you have the dog wanting your attention, the kid needs help with homework, and your husband (who works from home I might add) wants…husband type things.  That is a typical day for a lot of us I’m sure! On a good day, I am able to accomplish most of these things and not lose my mind. On a typical day, I do what I can. On a bad day, well- I have to try my hardest to not pack my bags and head to Mexico…(okay, I exaggerated a little).

I really have tried to think this through- if I had to pick a favorite, which would it be? How do you decide? Let’s weigh these out together. My husband: I chose him. I am contractually obligated to spend the rest of my life with him. He gets on my very last nerve at times, but when it comes down to it- we are partners. My daughter: I was blessed by the universe to get her in my life. I would literally die for her. I am luckier than most because she is 15 and does not give me nightmares. She is a straight A student and has a great head on her shoulders. She does have a bit of a sassy mouth at times- but when I give her “the look” she straightens right out. The dog: We chose each other. I saw him at the humane society, with his sweet little face, and I just knew he was the one. It was love at first sight! (That’s how I should talk about my husband, right? LOL) Ultimately, he is the most loyal, most loving, most I-could-never-stay-mad-at-you thing in my life! The problem is he is such a mommy’s boy. This dog is underneath me constantly! I have tripped over him, I have stepped on him, he has tried to turn around so that he can stay beside me and run face first into walls.

I guess when you break it down, I could never choose between them. They are all trainable- and as long as I have wine, we will all make it through together.

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