Meet the Unicorns


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Hello! I’m Marlo, the original Unicorn. I’m a 30-something Carolina girl living in Georgia. I am the wife of a fabulous husband and mama to furbabies. Being in the kitchen makes my heart happy. I’ve recently taken on gardening and will share my adventures with you. I live for coffee, good food, my family, and my friends. The other unicorns are my heart. I’ve known Nikki since middle school. We reconnected years later through Facebook and ran into each other at Target. The rest is history. Kathryn was the best roommate ever and I’m so thankful we’ve stayed friends even after my husband whisked me away from living with her. I look forward to sharing my saucy unicorn world with you!


Hey ya’ll, I’m Nikki!! I’m from the state that brought you Cheerwine, Tarheels, Krispy Kreme and my heavy southern accent….NC!! Happens to be Marlo’s hometown as well! My girls are truly my ride or die unicorns. I’d like to think they make me a better person….they embrace me and all my quirks!! I’m a sassy southern belle and when I’m not spending time with my sweet husband and our adorable pit bulls you can find me behind the camera photographing all things LOVE. My special skills include over using (!!!! & ….), killing plants, sarcasm, writing random rap songs and having awesome dance parties in the car. They don’t teach that at the country club!! Hope you’ll follow along on this crazy journey we call life….trust me, there’s never a dull moment!! 



Hey there! I’m Kathryn and I’ll be your resident single, outdoorsy unicorn blogging about my experiences in the dating world as well as documenting all my outdoor adventures and more. Being an Atlanta native you’d think I’d have lots of southern charm to bring to the table. However, my free-spiritedness tends to drag me away from all the city life and southern cooking and pushes me out into the wild of Northern GA and way beyond. Hiking, camping, sailing, kayaking, you name it! I love to see new places and experience new cultures. While the unicorns don’t get together as much as we would like, I don’t know what I would do without them. And I have Marlo to thank for that! If we hadn’t clicked immediately and ended up as roommates, I wouldn’t have known any of these fine ladies. Ready to come along on my adventures?!